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November 2019

The Consortium for Risked-Based Firearm Policy



In the spirit of the season, this week we celebrated Public Health Thank You Day. From all of us here at the Consortium, thank you for your work to prevent gun violence through the public health approach. We wish you and your families and communities a happy and safe Thanksgiving.


Read on for November updates from the Consortium:


Extreme risk laws were featured on 60 Minutes – did you tune in? Consortium co-founder and Executive Director Josh Horwitz spoke about the Consortium-developed extreme risk protection order policy (called “red flag law” on 60 Minutes) in the context of the law’s upcoming implementation in Colorado. The segment also referenced research led by Consortium members Jeff Swanson and Garen Wintemute. You can catch up on the full episode here.


New resources:

  • In honor of Veterans Day, our partners at the Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence released a new report, Prevent Firearm Suicide: Service Members and Veterans, that highlights the epidemic of military service member and veteran suicide by firearm and recommends solutions needed to reduce these deaths. The report features Consortium-recommended lethal means safety counseling and extreme risk laws, among other firearm suicide interventions, and can also be found on the Prevent Firearm Suicide website.
  • Developed by researchers at the University of Colorado Denver, Safety in Dementia is a free resource that addresses firearm access, driving, and general home safety for people living with dementia, their caregivers, and healthcare and other service providers; the project was featured in an October JAMA Network interview with Consortium contributor Emmy Betz. It joins Lock to Live, an online decision aid from the same team intended to help adults at risk of suicide (and their families) to think about firearm and medication access.


Webinar alert! 12/5, 3:00pm ET: the Society for the Advancement of Violence and Injury Research (SAVIR) is hosting a webinar, Pathways to Advocacy for Violence and Injury Researchers. Speakers include Consortium Managing Director Vicka Chaplin, who will discuss advocacy to promote evidence-based policy using the Consortium and the Ed Fund’s partnership and process as an example. You can register here.


As a reminder, our newsletter archive is now publicly available and we share the research recaps on twitter – join us! Please tag us in your tweets or email us your updates so we can amplify and highlight the gun violence prevention work you’re doing. This month’s research recap is below.




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