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August 2018

The Consortium for Risked-Based Firearm Policy




In order to share the good work you have been doing, we are sending out a monthly update with new studies, projects, and articles that our Consortium members are working on. Please feel free to send us any recently published studies or projects throughout the month, and we will compile and distribute to the group.


As usual, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or ideas.




Shots Not Fired: A new Oregon law takes guns from people who may do harm. Oregon Live article on Oregon’s Extreme Risk Law.


More than 450 people in Florida ordered to surrender guns months after new gun law took effect. ABC Action News article on Florida’s Extreme Risk Law.




Braga AA & Cook PJ. (2018). The Association of Firearm Caliber with Likelihood of Death From Gunshot Injury in Criminal Assaults. JAMA Network Open. 


Hureau DM & Braga AA. (2018). The Trade in Tools: The Market for Illicit Guns in High-Risk Networks. Criminology.


Robertson AG, Easter MM, Lin H, Frisman LK, Swanson JW, & Swartz MS. (2018). Medication-Assisted Treatment for Alcohol-Dependent Adults with Serious Mental Illness and Criminal Justice Involvement: Effects on Treatment Utilization and Outcomes. The American Journal of Psychiatry.


Parker GF (2018). Sovereign Citizens and Competency to Stand Trial. The Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law. 


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