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February 2019

The Consortium for Risked-Based Firearm Policy




On February 6th, the House Judiciary Committee held the first official, bipartisan hearing on gun safety since 2011, Preventing Gun Violence: A Call to Action. Committee Member Ted Lieu (D-CA) cited numerous Consortium members’ research in his remarks, entering them into the record, including research on permit-to-purchaselicensingextreme risk laws, and other gun lawsThis link gets you directly to Congressman Lieu’s remarks, beginning 5h 30m into the hearing.


On the 27th, the full US House of Representatives voted 240-190 to pass H.R. 8, a bill establishing universal background checks, and advocacy efforts are now shifting to the Senate bill, S. 42. We organized a sign-on letter for academics to express their support for the policy. We invite you to join this effort by signing your name here.


As always, in order to share the good work you have been doing, we send out this newsletter update with new studies, projects, and articles that our Consortium members and colleagues are working on. Please feel free to send us any recently published studies or projects throughout the month, and we will compile and distribute to the group.


Adelyn, Aerielle, Ari, Christian, Dakota, Josh, Kelly, Vicka, and Yasmin




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