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January 2018

The Consortium for Risked-Based Firearm Policy




In order to share the good work you have been doing, we are sending out a monthly update with new studies, projects, and articles that our Consortium members and colleagues are working on. Please feel free to send us any recently published studies or projects throughout the month, and we will compile and distribute to the group.


In case you missed it, last month the New York Times released a nine-part series on guns and domestic violence. Part 5 – A Good Way to Keep Guns from Predators – highlights the importance of firearm removal in cases of restraining orders. The Consortium recommends prohibiting individuals subject to temporary restraining orders from purchasing and possessing firearms and recommends removal of firearms from individuals subject to restraining orders. In February of 2016, the Consortium released a report detailing promising practices for firearm removal. The Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence, in partnership with the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, the Alliance for Gun Responsibility Foundation, and Prosecutors Against Gun Violence, is continuing this important work with Disarm DV. Disarm DV will allow advocates, gun violence prevention activists, survivors, victims, law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and so many others to research state-specific laws on domestic violence-related protective order firearm removals and take steps to remove guns from armed abusers. Stay tuned with updates on the project by following @Disarm_DV on Twitter.






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