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May 2018

The Consortium for Risked-Based Firearm Policy




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Journal of Behavioral Medicine – Call for Papers on Gun Violence

The Journal of Behavioral Medicine is planning a special topic series devoted to scientific (both basic science and epidemiologic), translational, and policy issues related to gun violence. Their aim is to compile papers from a broad spectrum of authors that span each of these domains as well as articles that bridge science/translation/policy. They anticipate having articles completed and submitted by the end of the summer – if you are interested in proposing a topic, reach out to the editors in the next 60 days with a brief outline.


Reminder – Send us your studies!

Send us any recently published studies or projects throughout the month, and we will compile and distribute to the group.




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Betz ME, Brooks-Russell A, Brandspigel S, Novins DK, Tung GJ, Runyan C. 2018 Apr 25. Counseling Suicidal Patients About Access to Lethal Means: Attitudes of Emergency Nurse Leaders. J Emerg Nurs.


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Simonetti JA, Azrael D, Miller M. 2018 Apr 15. Firearm Storage Practices and Risk Perceptions Among a Nationally Representative Sample of U.S. Veterans With and Without Self-Harm Risk Factors. Suicide Life Threat Behav.


Smucker S, Kerber RE, Cook PJ. 2018 Apr 18. Suicide and Additional Homicides Associated with Intimate Partner Homicide: North Carolina 2004-2013. J Urban Health.


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