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May 2022

The Consortium for Risked-Based Firearm Policy



We send this newsletter in the context of the terrible tragedies that leave behind shattered communities and families. As we mourn the lives lost at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas, at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, at a church in Laguna Woods, California, at hospitals in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Titusville, Florida, and many others, we reflect on the overwhelming toll that gun violence takes on human lives.


With every life lost, we are reminded of why we urgently need lawmakers to implement gun violence prevention policies that can prevent this needless loss of life. Our work in the Consortium can certainly make a difference. We are hopeful as we strive to turn our grief into a solid commitment to advance evidence-based gun violence prevention policies.




  • The Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Violence Solutions’ report: A Year in Review, 2020 Gun Deaths in the U.S.
  • FBI’s Quarterly Uniform Crime Report data for 2021 was released
  • Gifford’s report, Gun Violence in Asian and Pacific Islander Communities.
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s report, Vital Signs: Changes in Firearm Homicide and Suicide Rates — United States, 2019–2020.
  • The Center for American Progress’s report, The Role of Civilian Offices of Violence Prevention in Helping Communities Stem Gun Violence.
  • Everytown’s report, Gun Thefts from Cars: The Largest Source of Stolen Guns.
  • Urban Institute’s report, Economic Costs of Gun Violence in Washington, DC.
  • The Center for American Progress’s factsheet on Permitless Carry.





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