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September 2019

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September marked Suicide Prevention Month, and given that firearm suicides make up half of all suicides in the United States, the Ed Fund launched its new Prevent Firearm Suicide website, which applies the social ecological model to firearm suicide prevention. You’ll see that we featured Consortium-recommended lethal means safety counseling and extreme risk laws, in addition to citing the research and resources of many Consortium members and friends. With its data-driven yet approachable format — ideal for individuals, loved ones, community members, policymakers, and everyone in between — Prevent Firearm Suicide will be a critical resource for both the gun violence prevention and suicide prevention communities. Thank you to all who contributed expertise to this project.


There was a lot of gun violence prevention activity on the Hill this month, beginning with the House Judiciary Committee passing three gun violence prevention bills out of committee on the 10th, including H.R. 1236, the Extreme Risk Protection Order Act of 2019, which would establish a program to award grants to states to implement extreme risk laws. On the 17th, Consortium members April Zeoli and Daniel Webster served as panelists for a Countering Mass Shootings in the U.S. congressional briefing. The following day, the Joint Economic Committee held a hearing entitled, Gun Violence in America: Understanding and Reducing the Costs of Firearm Injuries and Deaths. At the end of the month, the House Judiciary Committee held two more important hearings, Protecting America from Assault Weapons on the 25th and Community Responses to Gun Violence in Our Cities on the 26th. A national rally to #EndGunViolence coincided with the hearing on the 25th, supported by over 65 organizations.


In case you missed it:

  • The full recording of the joint American Public Health Association and Bloomberg American Health Initiative Policies that Work to Prevent Gun Violence forum featuring a multitude of Consortium members and friends is available (free) and full of evidence in support of gun violence prevention policies.
  • The Trace wrote about the state of funding for gun violence prevention research, interviewing multiple researchers including Consortium member Matt Miller.
  • Jeff Swanson and Amy Barnhorst were interviewed on the In Sickness and In Health podcast, the first in a series about extreme risk laws.
  • Merriam-Webster added red flag law to the dictionary this month and notes that its synonym, extreme risk law, dates to 2017.

Our September research recap is below. In addition, the journal Injury Prevention released a firearms-focused special issue featuring 2018 and 2019 papers by many Consortium members, friends, and Ed Fund staff, available in full here.


Finally, please continue to tag us on twitter and send us your work or invitations to collaborate so we can help spread the word.




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