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April 2021

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Over the last month, we again saw national news cycles dominated by mass shootings — most prominently in Atlanta, GA and Boulder, CO, as well as Chicago, IL, Orange, CA, Philadelphia, PA, and Virginia Beach, VA. While it may seem like a return to mass shootings, we know that the horrific violence making national news is the tip of the iceberg (see: The way we think about mass shootings ignores many black victims in The Trace). There were 611 mass shooting incidents in 2020 according to the Gun Violence Archive, not to mention the everyday gun homicides and suicides that often don’t make the news at all (on average 24,000 suicides and ~14,500 homicides per year). This is our normal, and we need to change that. We grieve these tragic losses of life and renew our deep commitment to advancing policies that are rooted in evidence, focus on risk, and hold promise to prevent gun violence.


One way we work to advance gun violence prevention is through public education. With that in mind, it’s National Public Health Week! The Consortium (@Consortium_RBFP) will be participating in the 4th annual Public Health for Gun Violence Prevention #PH4GVP twitter chat, co-hosted by the Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence, Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, and American Public Health Association. The chat is today, April 6, from 11:00am-12:00 pm ET. We hope you’ll join the conversation!

  • Haven’t joined a twitter chat before? Here is a primer: Search #PH4GVP to follow the conversation and use the #PH4GVP and #NPHW hashtags in each of your tweets. Make sure to follow @EFSGV (the account posting the questions), along with @Consortium_RBFP and @CSGV.

Federal updates

  • President Joe Biden’s The American Job Plan included a $5 billion investment in community-based gun violence prevention programs over eight years. Visit for information on the advocacy campaign behind this incredible effort. Congratulations and thank you to Consortium contributor Shani Buggs for her involvement in this effort.
  • Key GVP bills passed the House:
  • The Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing, “Constitutional and Common Sense Steps to Reduce Gun Violence” on March 23 (Josh Horwitz’s Statement for the Record includes Consortium recommendations related to ERPO)
  • Senators Blumenthal and Feinstein sent a letter to President Biden urging him to take executive actions on ERPO. Some of these recommendations are based on the Consortium’s 2020 ERPO report, including: “For states that have enacted ERPO statutes, the Department of Justice (DOJ) can strengthen those existing ERPO protections by issuing best practices guidance, offering technical assistance on ERPO implementation and enforcement, providing training for law enforcement and judges, and supporting data collection and analysis on ERPOs granted by state courts.”

Media highlights

Upcoming events

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