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August 2021

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As of this writing, we are still anxiously awaiting a Senate confirmation vote on the nomination of David Chipman to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Ever since the position was changed to require a Senate confirmation in 2006, it’s become a politicized debate. Indeed, the ATF has only had a Senate-confirmed director for two of the 15 years since, and only an acting head since 2015. Nominated in April, Chipman has more than 30 years of experience in public safety, including 25 as a special agent with the ATF. The Senate’s action one way or another, will have significant effects on U.S. firearm policy going forward, so we’ll certainly be watching!


Congressional/Federal updates

  • The House Appropriations Committee released a draft funding bill that would fund the following programs through DOJ, among others:
    • $100 million for community-based violence intervention initiatives
    • $100 million for grants to help states improve their submissions into the National Instant Criminal Background Check system for gun purchases
    • $40 million for a pilot program to incentivize states to establish or refine Red Flag and Gun Licensing Laws
    • $10 million for a pilot program to develop and expand gun buyback and relinquishment programs
  • The Vote Without Fear Act, which would prohibit firearms at and around federal polling places on election days, was introduced in the House.
  • The Invest In Us Coalition is marking six months of engagement with this Administration and Congress. Heading into August recess, the work continues, particularly around the Break the Cycle of Violence Act (reintroduced in June).


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Finally, the Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence — the organization that manages and staffs the Consortium — is hiring, with new positions recently listed. Please share our career opportunities with your networks.


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