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June 2020

The Consortium for Risked-Based Firearm Policy



We are heartbroken and angry by the continuous injustices caused by systemic racism and police brutality. We know racism is a public health crisis, police brutality is a public health crisis, police killing Black people is a pandemic, and gun violence does discriminate based on race and ethnicity.


We also know that we all have a role to play in dismantling systemic racism. As the authors of this editorial state so well, “Science has a racism problem. Scientists are problem solvers. Let’s get to it.” Thus, we hope you will join us in our efforts to unlearn racism and advance anti-racism, both personally and professionally. Research and its applications in promoting health equity and violence prevention is more important than ever, and we have more work to do. We know many of you are deeply committed to advancing evidence-based policy for gun violence prevention and we hope we can all work together to improve the data and research related to race, racism, and violence; consciously increase the diversity of the research and academic fields we represent; and enhance the ways in which research is implemented in policy and practice for a more equitable, safe, and welcoming society for all.


Please read on for new resources and news highlights from this month, followed by our monthly research recap.


New Initiatives:

  • We are happy to share the introduction of Sustain Equity Group, a new independent initiative led by Kayla Hicks, whom many of you know as the Ed Fund’s long-time Director of African American and Community Outreach and consistent contributor to Consortium convenings. Sustain Equity Group will focus on building power by investing in the development of Black women in the violence prevention space. Learn more at
  • The Initiative for Better Gun Violence Reporting is creating a Center for Gun Violence Reporting. According to the announcement, the new center will “improve reporting on community gun violence by collaborating with journalists and local organizations to raise voices from neighborhoods and broaden the range of expert sources quoted in stories – de-emphasizing the predominant law enforcement narrative.”

New Resources:

Upcoming Events:

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